it’s all happening…soon

the second annual centretown free market is coming up soon! sunday october 5th come to minto park (elgin and gilmour) for some free workshops, an open discussion, music, and the really free market (the only place where you can give and take with reckless abandon). everyone is welcome to take part: bring some of your skills to share,  give away your creative productions, provide a service you have to offer (free-of-charge), or just come to see what it’s all about. it’s all fun, and it’s all free!

cfm also needs folks to: poster/flyer, donate stuff the the really free market, facilitate a workshop, and much more.  if you’re interested, leave a comment here or email

stay tuned for an up-to-date schedule of events.


Hello online world!

hey all,

welcome to centretown free market’s very own blog. peruse this blog for any news/info centretown free marketers might have to share with the online world, and use this blog for any news/info you in the online world might like to share with the centretown free marketers.

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